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Day 1 with Advicefront: Getting started
Day 1 with Advicefront: Getting started
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Welcome to Advicefront. We put together this quick guide to help you get up to speed.

Step 1 - Get familiar with the client experience

  1. Add yourself as a client (use your name and email address)

  2. Click your Test Client, then Onboard (in sidebar) > Agreements and send yourself the default Client Agreement

  3. Now enter your Test Client account (from email invite) and try out: fact find, risk assessment and accepting the client agreement

  4. Back in your Adviser Account, you'll see any actions you took in your Test Client account. Now try out other features such as messaging and document sharing.

Step 2 - Configure Advicefront for your firm

Step 3 - Set up your profile and invite team members

Step 4 - Invite a friendly client

We recommend testing out Advicefront with a friendly client during the free trial period.

  1. Click Add Client and enter their details, but this time click Create client without invite (we'll send that later)

  2. Click the client and add a few details into their fact-find (this means your client won't need to enter them)

  3. Send them an agreement if you like

  4. Click Get Invitation link (in top bar) > Copy link and send it to them in a personal email, asking for their help testing out Advicefront

Step 5 - Invite more clients!

Time to invite some more clients. If you have a large number of clients you need to add to Advicefront, we're happy to help you out with that once you have a paid license - just let us know!

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