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How to manage your firm details
How to manage your firm details
Here you will be able to manage your firm details successfully
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The firm details section, allows you to manage your firm's information.

Add all your details including the logo, name, and contact.

Check this video to see how to manage your firm´s details:

Or follow this step-by-step on how to set your edit your firm details:

  1. Go to account settings then click on firm details.

  2. Fill in your firm name, contact email, URL website, and phone number.

  3. Upload your firm logo.

    * A transparent logo is required in order to have the see-through effect and also use the most common formats (PNG, JPEG, and GIF).

  4. Add your FCA regulatory number (optional), VAT number, and billing email address.

  5. Upload the updated version of the terms and conditions of your firm.

You're all set up to start inviting your first clients.

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