How to send an agreement

Create agreements within our solution or upload an existing PDF and send them to your clients

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You can say goodbye to the hassle of getting your clients to sign agreements with pen and paper and having to chase them and wait endlessly to get on with delivering great advice to your clients.

Follow this step-by-step on how to send an agreement:

  1. Click on the Client in your client list that you would like to send the agreement to, go to the onboard section, and select agreements.

    *You can choose if you would like to send an agreement from a previously created template or if you would like to upload the agreement as a pdf.

  2. Click in create agreement button and choose the type of agreement you would like to send to the Client.

  3. Choose to whom you would like to send the agreement and the acceptance mode.

    *You can only send one main agreement type - e.g. the Client cannot sign both a client agreement - complete and a client agreement - DB pensions.

    *Acceptance mode allows you to choose if you would like the document to be "read-only" or "requires signature".

  4. You can select the type of signature: It can be "Digital signature" or "Wet signature (only available for firms with this functionality active).

  5. Create the agreement and send it to your Client.

    *A notification will now be sent to your Client to review and agree to this document. Once they have done this, you will receive a notification that it's complete.

  6. Download the audit trail page in the Client's account in the agreements section.

What your client sees and have to do?

  1. Check the notification section marked with a pending activity.

  2. Access the dashboard section the Client will see the pending agreements that need a signature.

  3. Read, checkmark the agreement, and accept the document.

    *This is a legally binding agreement between you and the Client.

  4. Check if the agreement was successfully signed.

Where are they stored?

All signed documents are available in the agreements section, where you can see the status for each document (Date, status, name, etc.).

If you need help understanding how you can create your firm's agreement templates, check our help centre article on How to set up agreements.

For more information, please visit our official website.

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