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How to set up Agreements
How to set up Agreements
How to get started building Agreement templates within Advicefront
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With Advicefront, you can say goodbye to the hassle of getting your clients to sign agreements with pen and paper, as well as having to chase them and wait endlessly to get on with delivering great advice to your clients.

Now you can get documents signed online, instantly and from any device, with a legally binding and secure system.

Let’s imagine there is a standard process a firm might follow to onboard a new client.

You need to get the client to agree

  1. To accept you will hold personal data (Privacy Agreement)

  2. To accept your standard Terms of Business (Client Agreement)

  3. Potential Fees (Fees Agreement)

  4. The Fees you actually end up charging them (Fees Schedule)

  5. Ad Hoc Agreements or Documents

Let’s see how it might be done.

The first step is to create a template

First, go to the Firm Process Settings page, then as you can see, you can create multiple agreement types and use those templates for different use cases.

  • For example you might have different Client Agreements, such as Client Agreement - full service agreement or one specifically, Client Agreement - DB Pension advice only, for example

  • Click Add a new Agreement type and call it Client Agreement

  • Then select Write a New Client Agreement and give this a name by which you as Adviser will recognise when you have to choose between different templates, maybe Full for full Client Agreement. This will not be visible to the client.

  • You can now add different elements to the Agreements by adding different sections which will make the agreement easier to read for your client by providing distinct sections.

  • A basic free text section you can also copy and paste tables, etc from Word and other software

  • A service and fee which brings up a 2 column table where you can enter a service explanation and in the fee column a value, e.g. £500 per month plus vat. This allows you to personalise the Agreement for each client.

  • A billing table which can be used in conjunction with GoCardless to enter upfront and ongoing fees. Enabling you to personalise  an agreement to a client with pre-filled information from your service fees how to set up fees

  • Client communication preferences - a selection of SMS, Text, Email, Phone

Now click Save this Agreement and the process is complete!

You can create additional Client Agreements if you wish and when you select your client you can then choose the specific Agreement you wish to use in this instance.

You’re now ready to send an agreement! Here’s how

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