How to set up Agreements

How to get started building Agreement templates within our solution

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You can say goodbye to getting your clients to sign agreements with pen and paper; now, you can get documents signed online, instantly and from any device, with a legally binding and secure system.

Follow this step by step, and discover how to set up agreements:

  1. Go to the Firm Process Settings page or follow this link to the agreements section directly.

  2. Click on add a new agreement type and set a name for the agreement.

  3. Manage this section here; you can add different sections (Text, service & fee table, Billing table, client communication preferences, etc.).

  4. Now click save this agreement, and the process is complete! You’re now ready to send an agreement!

*In this section, you can create client agreements, such as a client agreement - full-service agreement or one specifically client Agreement - DB Pension advice only.

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