How to use the Documents section

With our solution, you will have access to a documents section where you can share all the essential documentation with clients.

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The documents section allows you to upload all the information and share it with your clients in real-time by using shared documents or upload information to share with your colleagues using the internal documents section.

With this tool, you can create folders that contain videos, pdfs, excel files, images, etc.

Check this step-by-step on how to use the documents section to use it successfully:

  1. Search client account

    Type (name, last name) on the search bar

  2. Access to the documents section on the left side of the page

    * There, you will find two sections shared and internal documents

  3. Drag and drop the files to share them.

    *Below, you will see the name and the upload date

  4. Create folder

    * Here, you will be able to choose the name for the new folder

  5. Verify if the folder has been successfully created

    • The clients will find the same section with the shared folders on the client side.

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