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How to set up two-factor authentication
How to set up two-factor authentication
Find out how you can make your Advicefront account more secure with two-factor authentication.
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Two-factor authentication dramatically improves the security of your account and all the personal information you store with Advicefront.

* With two-factor authentication, only you can access your account on a trusted device, sign in with the authentication app, or with the generated security codes.

Check this video to see how you can set up two-factor authentication.

Or check this step-by-step on how to set up two-factor authentication:

  1. Go to account settings and access account details.

  2. Scroll down and start two-factor authentication.

  3. Enter your password and click next.

  4. Choose the authentication app.

  5. Scan the QR code.

  6. Enter the code and finish the setup.

If you use the two-factor authentication and would like to deactivate it, contact our support team to turn it off.

For more information, please visit our official website or contact our support team at

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