How to use GoCardless

Learn how to manage your client payments by using the GoCardless integration

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After setting GoCardless on, you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to use this integration to manage your client payments.

  1. Set your service fees

    * For example, you can add (Initial Charges, Ongoing Charges, etc.).

  2. Click on agreements to allow you to create and personalise an agreement with pre-filled information and your service fees.

  3. Choose the agreement name and add the billing section which will show the predefined amounts you had added to services fees when you followed the previous steps.

  4. Search client account

    Type (name, last name) on the search bar.

  5. Click on agreements.

  6. Go to create an agreement

    *Choose a template or PDF file.

  7. Fill in the agreement type and choose your preferred template or PDF file.

  8. Check if your agreement has been successfully created and send the agreement.

*If you told the system that this table can be customised before sending it to your client, you will be able to change the amount directly on the agreement instead of having to change in settings every time you send an agreement to a client.

Below you can see your client experience when setting up GoCardless

  1. After the client accepts the agreement, a confirm and set up payment button will appear

  2. Set up a direct debit with GoCardless.

  3. Sign in and add your bank account information to successfully set your direct debit with GoCardless.

*Use this link to see how to create an agreement.

Follow this link for more information about how GoCardless works.

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