How to integrate with FinaMetrica

Learn how to successfully connect your account with the FinaMetrica integration

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With our solution, you have the possibility of managing your clients within the system by using the FinaMetrica integration. In addition, it allows you to combine and share all the risk profiling information from your clients on the same platform.

You'll have to follow a few steps to connect with FinaMetrica and retrieve your clients' risk profile information.

  1. Go to account settings and access the risk provider.

  2. Choose which integration you'd like to use for your client's risk profile.

  3. Search client account

    Type (name, last name) on the search bar.

  4. Go to the risk profile.

  5. Click on the request tolerance survey on the FinaMetrica button.

  6. Authorize FinaMetrica to use your Advicefront information.

  7. Log in or sign in to your FinaMetrica account.

  8. Choose between fill the information and creating a new client by clicking continue or connecting to an existing client.

  9. Sent the risk profile questionnaire to your client

  10. View the FinaMetrica risk tolerance report in your account.

For more information, please visit our official website.

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