How to delete clients

Learn the best procedure to delete your client's account

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We know that you require the client's information to be deleted or archived on multiple occasions.

In this article, you can find the step by step on how to manage the client's information on the platform.

To understand the best approach to manage client information, you first need to know if you want to keep the client's data for future purposes or if you would like the client's information to be deleted from the system.

Take into account that the client will no longer be able to log in in both scenarios.

A) In case you want client data to be available for future use:

Archive Household:

  1. Search client account

    Type (name, last name) on the search bar

  2. Access to the client account

    Click the customer account and access the profile

  3. Settings > Archive household

    Click on the Setting and then on the archive household at the bottom of the page

  4. Household archived successfully

    If the customer were successfully archived, you would see a green alert on the top of the page.

B) If you want the client data to be deleted from the system

Delete household

If you want to delete all client data, please visit our official website, follow the link to check our Privacy Policy, or Contact our support team.

Please note that we may be required to ask you for further information to confirm your identity before we take action or provide the information requested.

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