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How to Manage your team's permissions
How to Manage your team's permissions
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Because we aim to improve our product constantly, the new permissions feature will allow you to add an adviser to sign an agreement and send messages to other adviser's clients.


If you invite a new team member, you can choose the privileges; by selecting "Manage all clients", the adviser can work with every client with this permission. With this change, we've made sure Messages are also accessible by everyone (as long as they have the proper permission).

If you already have an account and wish to change your permissions or another team member's permissions, go to Settings > People management and change the permissions associated:

The new "Review Manager" permission allows you to be selected as an additional signatory for an agreement, which allows firms to provide a 4-eyes check on their client's agreements.

By default, the adviser to whom that client belongs will be the one to sign the agreement, but you can always add another team member with the Review Manager's permission.

To make the team member visible, you will need to go to Settings > People management choose the Adviser and click on "edit permissions". Next, turn on the Review Manager toggle and select the Advisers:

Once you've completed it, the Adviser will appear to you in a drop-down list when sending the agreement:

Both the Clients and the Advisers selected will be able to sign the agreement digitally.

For more information, please visit our official website.

Thank you.

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