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How to integrate with Portfoliometrix (PMX)
How to integrate with Portfoliometrix (PMX)
Get your clients' risk tolerance score and reports centralised.
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Advicefront has a new Risk Profiler integration. This time with PMX.

Important: You will need to have an existing subscription to PMX for this integration to be enabled

How to get started

  1. Go to ’Settings’, on the left side of the page go to the ‘Firm Process Settings’ section and click on ‘Risk Provider’

  2. Next to Portofoliometrix, click on the "request for support to set it up" and Advicefront support are alerted to your request

Once PMX is enabled as an Integration by support, the status toggle will be visible and you will be able to enable it as shown below.

How to use it


  • The client must have an NI number set up in the Advicefront Fact-find

  • The client must be set up in PMX with a NI number

  1. Select your client and choose Risk Profile

  2. Advicefront will check whether the Client is set up in Advicefront and in PMX correctly

  3. If it is not, the systems will run a check and refresh every 30 minutes so you may have to wait

  4. Click Request Risk Questionnaire

5. The Client will receive a request to complete the Questionnaire by email. They will need to log into Advicefront to complete it. By clicking the button they will be taken to the PMX portal directly.

6. Once the client has completed the Questionnaire you will be notified within Advicefront and by email that the report is ready.

7. The will be show on the client's Risk Profile page and also stored in Documents/Risk Profiles.

Note - The client can only see the status of the risk profile, e.g .complete, but not the score or the report.

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions.

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