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Exporting from Advicefront to Time4Advice/CURO
Exporting from Advicefront to Time4Advice/CURO
Export your client data to CURO.
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Advicefront has a new prototype integration with CRM Time4Advice(CURO). Currently it enables the export of Personal information to CURO.


  • Because the integration is in prototype you will need to contact Advicefront support directly to have it set up and enabled.

  • This integration is only one-way (Advicefront to CURO). Import functionality of Account information is planned for future releases.

How to export a client or a household (set of clients)

Advicefront will export Households to CURO as an Account. That means that John and Jane Smith will be exported as

  • Account = Smith, John & Jane

  • Clients = John Smith, Jane Smith (assuming they have an email and NI Number)

  1. Ensure Advicefront has set up your account

  2. Open your client's profile page

  3. Click on the “cog wheel” on the right side and select “Export client”

4. To avoid duplication, Advicefront will check to see if the client already exists in CURO by checking name, email and most importantly, NI number.

Note: Advicefront assumes the information in the Fact-find is the source of truth and will overwrite existing information in CURO but only the fields stated in the list below.

What information is exported from the Advicefront Fact-find to CURO?

Client basic details:

  • Name (First and Last)

  • Email address

  • Residential address

  • National Insurance Number

  • Gender

  • Retirement

  • UK resident

  • Nationality Country

  • Date of Birth

  • Marital Status (Married, Single, Widowed, Civil Partnership)

  • Phone Number

  • In good health

  • Smoker

  • Has Will

  • Power of Attorney

And that's it!

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions.

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