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How to manage joint clients (households)
How to manage joint clients (households)

How do you handle two clients on the same account and manage tasks such as getting both clients to sign-off an agreement within the system?

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We know that a large proportion of clients are part of a household and we've introduced some functionality to help you manage getting agreements signed by both parties and the ability to separate requests such as risk profiling between clients etc.

Here's an example: Sarah and Rob Smith

Sarah is generally the person who manages the financial admin in the Smith household, there's a requirement for Sarah to complete the Fact find, but both Sarah and Rob need to sign off agreements jointly and complete individual risk profiles.

Where to start?

1. Add Sarah as normal

It's up to you if you want to invite her immediately or at a later point.

This is an example where Sarah was added but not yet invited. The grey outline of the ID card tells you she hasn't been invited and, there is the capability to send her an invite directly, or to copy the invitation link and send via an email or the messaging service.

2. Change Sarah's Fact Find to add Rob

Go onto the Client list and search for Sarah Smith. Click her name and go to the Fact Find. Change her marital status to married and add Rob as her partner.

This will create two id cards on the client page. Rob is set up as her partner (not a client).

3. Optional : Invite Sarah and ask her to complete the Fact Find

This is optional because you may fill in details for your client yourself.

4. Add Rob's email address

This converts Rob into a client rather than just a partner. You then have the ability to invite him, just in the same way you did for Sarah.

5. Get Agreements signed

Now when you send agreements, if the 2nd client, Rob, has an email address, both parties will need to sign each document before it is accepted, watermarked and stored as a PDF.

When only one has signed

When both have signed

Dual watermark

(We are working to provide the capability to ask if this needs to be requested to an individual).

CAVEAT: If you invited Sarah and asked her to sign some documents and then add Rob after this point, the Agreements will need to be resigned by both parties. Currently the functionality doesn't allow a legacy agreement to be updated by a second party.

Just so you know

If your clients have existing, separate accounts (e.g. maybe Sarah and Rob are already on the system as two individuals) we will be offering a service to merge them together into one household very soon.
As an Adviser, will be able to manage the household within our solution as one entity. However your clients will each have their own Client Portal (where they can see each others information) until we release our new Client Portal where they see all the information consolidated into one Household Dashboard.

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