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How to integrate with Intelligent Office (iO)
How to integrate with Intelligent Office (iO)

Export clients to Intelligent Office from your account.

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To check the data that is exported to Intelligent Office, click here.

Our solution integrates with the most popular platforms used by financial advisers throughout the entire advice workflow, with many more to come.

To connect with Intelligent Office and export your clients' information you'll just have to follow a few steps.

NOTE: This integration is only one-way (our system to iO). We’re continuously working with Intelliflo to allow for two-way integration.

How to connect with Intelligent Office

1. Start by going to your name in the top right corner of the page and go to Settings and on the left side of the page go to Integrations.

2. Under “CRM/Backoffice” you should see the Intelliflo integration, click where it says “Connect with Intelligent Office” (you’ll be redirected to the Intelliflo )

3. When prompted, log in on the Intelligent Office system

4. You’ll be asked for some permissions - read them carefully.

disclaimer: we only request permissions we need for the integration to run and won’t use them for any other purpose  

5. Click on “Yes, Allow” (you’ll be redirected back)

6. Check if the Intelligent Office Integration is active. 

If something failed, please try again. If the problem persists, please get in touch with us using Intercom (bottom-right bubble chat button)

7. You’re now ready to export your first client 


How to export a client

1. Open your client's profile page

2. Click on the “cogwheel” on the right side and select “Export client”

3. Choose Intelliflo from the Integration list and then choose what you want to export (Fact-find and/or Documents) 

4. Click on “Export Client”note: documents might take longer to reach Intelliflo’s servers.


IMPORTANT: Do not forget to double-check that all the information you exported to Intelligent Office is in the correct place. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions! 😃

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