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To connect with FinaMetrica and retrieve your clients' risk profile information you'll just have to follow a few steps. 

1. Start by going to your name in the top right corner of the page and go to ’Settings’, on the left side of the page go to the ‘Firm Process Settings’ section and click on ‘Risk Provider’

2. Then, you should select the toggle corresponding to FinaMetrica to make it your Risk Provider.

3. Now you must go to you clients’ list and select a client who hasn’t responded to their risk questionnaire yet, go to Risk Tolerance and click ‘Get report’.

4. Then you should click on ‘Send to FinaMetrica’ and you should be directed to a FinaMetrica Login page where you should enter your account information.

5. Connect to FinaMetrica from the Advicefront Portal.

a) If you have an existing FinaMetrica account, please enter your credentials and log in. You only have to do this once, since subsequent visits will take you straight into your FinaMetrica account. 

Advisers new to FinaMetrica can sign up for a complimentary 30-day trial. You’ll be asked to confirm your details upon subscription. Again, you only have to do this once, since others visits will take you straight to your FinaMetrica account.

b) Your clients’ details will be presented as shown below.

  • If your clients have already been created in FinaMetrica, you can link them up by clicking on "Connect to Existing Client". You’ll be presented with a list of existing clients to select from. Select the options for each client and click "Continue".

  • For clients new to FinaMetrica, select the options for each client then click "Continue".

  • You only have to do this once, since other visits for linked clients will take you straight to their FinaMetrica accounts.

c) You’ll then see with your clients’ risk tolerance details. For advisers new to FinaMetrica, please refer to the "QuickStart Guide" under "Resources" for details on how to navigate the site.

6. View FinaMetrica risk tolerance score and report from within Advicefront.

a) Once your clients have completed the FinaMetrica questionnaire, you’ll be able to view the score and report from within FinaMetrica as well as from Advicefront under the "Risk" menu heading.

b) The score will populate automatically, however, the risk report will only populate once it has been generated in FinaMetrica, either by the client or the advisor. This can be done via the 'Save PDF' function on Finametrica under the Select drop-down menu in the "Clients" tab.

c) To generate a new test for your client, click on "Send to FinaMetrica", and click on "New Questionnaire".

You can also discover how we integrate with FinaMetrica on this webinar we hosted together on August 28th, 2018.

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